Marketing Specialist

OneUnited Federal Credit Union   Columbus, NE   Full-time     Advertising / Marketing / Public Relations
Posted on September 7, 2022

Marketing Specialist

General Responsibilities:
Coordinate marketing promotions and support the development and distribution of advertising and sales materials. Serve as primary contact with outside marketing company in the development of advertising materials. Develop and manage all digital and social media material placement.

Description of Duties:

1.Quality Service/Membership Development
a. Cross-sell products and services to members
b. Support staff in cross-selling products and services
c. Ensure that the CU quality reputation is maintained and projected
2.Marketing and Product Development
a. Assist in formulating a comprehensive market development plan
b. Formulate yearly marketing campaign schedule
c. Oversee specific campaign collateral development
d. Serve as primary contact for outside marketing firm
e. Assist with market research, including demographic analysis
f. Communicate with and engage all staff on product promotions
g. Recommend new products and services based on competitive trends
h. Recommend changes to existing products and services
3.Personal Member Experience
a.Develop generic promotional materials for products and services
b. Ensure that interior and exterior building signage is changed regularly
c. Manage/Change interior lobby screen content on regular cycle
d. Manage/Change exterior electronic sign and drive up sign content on regular cycle
e. Ensure a pleasing interior design is in place at all times
4. Social Media
a. Manage all social media sites
b. Develop a monthly social media schedule
c. Place interactive and promotional social media materials on all sites
d. Place all special promotional materials on social media sites
5.Digital Media
a. Manage website content
b. Manage mobile, tablet and online content
c. Serve as Apple and Google developer
6.Community and Member Engagement
a. Recommend, plan and execute member engagement events
b. Assist in planning community engagement events
a. Ensure all promotional materials meet regulatory standards

Performance Measurement

1. Communication: The ability to effectively converse and listen to others concerning company matters. The use of proper written and grammatical skills, and the meaningful application of computer technology [e-mail, Internet, etc.].

Coordination: The ability to effectively coordinate multiple components of an event, process, or project. Ensures efforts are not duplicated, materials are available, manpower is sufficient, schedules are followed, deadlines are met, time and resources are not wasted, information is communicated between parties, and goals are achieved. Able to quickly and appropriately handle unexpected problems.

Member Focus: The degree to which member service is demonstrated in the day-to-day business environment. The level of support for co-workers as well as outside members, clients, etc.

Creativity: The ability to generate new ideas, concepts, processes, actions, or solutions which are original, useful, unusual, and appropriate to the situation. The degree to which preconceived assumptions can be discarded and new possibilities imagined.

Organizational Relations: The degree to which the employee collaboratively works with other internal departments, agencies, and/or outside organizations. The level of response to customer requests, both internally and externally. Anticipation and control of obstacles.

Follow Through: The demonstration of reliability and a full commitment to complete assigned responsibilities with minimal supervision. A willingness to take responsibility for actions, solve problems as they arise, keep all parties fully informed, and stay with a job through all stages of completion.

Organizational Skills: The ability to manage tasks, projects, information, and materials within a well-ordered system. The degree to which multiple assignments are managed and completed according to established schedules.

Initiative: The ability to perform job responsibilities independently and responsibly. The ability to proactively complete tasks, solve problems, improve processes, enhance products, and/or extend services within assigned range of authority

Attendance: The number of absences [excluding vacation and legally required leave] regardless of reason. Also includes the number of times tardy for work or returning from lunches and breaks


Associates degree in business or a related field, or an equivalent combination of formal training and experience.

Required Knowledge: A thorough knowledge of all aspects of marketing media. Understanding of market research and development analytics. Basic understanding of the financial institution market place.

Experience Required: One to three years of similar or related experience.

Skills/ Abilities: Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Able to work knowledgeably with social and digital media applications. Strong creativity and coordination skills.

Intent and Function of Position Descriptions

Job descriptions assist organizations in ensuring that the hiring process is fairly administered and that qualified employees are selected. They are also essential to an effective appraisal system and related promotion, transfer, layoff, and termination decisions. Well-constructed job descriptions are an integral part of any effective compensation system.

All descriptions have been reviewed to ensure that only essential functions and basic duties have been included. Peripheral tasks, only incidentally related to each position, have been excluded. Requirements, skills, and abilities included have been determined to be the minimal standards required to successfully perform the positions. In no instance, however, should the duties, responsibilities, and requirements delineated be interpreted as all-inclusive. Additional functions and requirements may be assigned by supervisors as deemed appropriate.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is possible that requirements may be modified to reasonably accommodate disabled individuals. However, no accommodations will be made which may pose serious health or safety risks to the employee or others or which impose undue hardships on the organization.

Job descriptions are not intended as and do not create employment contracts. The organization maintains its status as an at-will employer. Employees can be terminated for any reason not prohibited by law.