Plumbers Local #16



About Local 16

A licensed craft and a journeyman trade, plumbing is a proud profession. With a history that spans hundreds of years, plumbing is also a highly refined skill. Those who have earned membership into Local 16 know all of the tasks involved in plumbing, from welding to setting fixtures.


The skills of Local 16 plumbers save money for businesses every day. Construction workers who belong to unions are about 1/3 more productive that non-union workers. That is the finding of a national study by Dr. Steven G. Allen, Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University.

Knowledgeable union plumbers outfit individual houses and large industrial buildings. They serve the interests of those with unique installation requirements and those with difficult repair problems. 


Because Local 16 plumbers are the best in the business, they consistently finish their projects on time and under budget. Of Course, with all of the confidence of quality workmanship, Local 16 plumbers guarantee their work unconditionally.

Jobs at Plumbers Local #16

There are no jobs listed at this time.